Rob Ford says he is ‘sober as a judge’

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TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is declaring himself “sober as a judge” and “healthy as a horse.”

For the first time since Ford completed two months in rehab, he took questions about his substance abuse from journalists at large. He previously said in a handful of interviews that he couldn’t guarantee he won’t relapse, only that he’s taking his recovery one day at a time.

But he was more declarative Thursday when asked when the last time was that he drank or did drugs.


“A lot of people really wish that I’m going to fail, that I’m going to drink and that I’m going to do drugs,” Ford said.

“Unfortunately, that wish will not come true. That wish, guaranteed, will not come true because I’m as sober as a judge and I’m moving forward, running this city and saving taxpayers money.”

Ford said he knows people are watching his every move, and that they should continue doing so because his “biggest move” will be on Oct. 27, when he believes he will be re-elected as mayor.

A sobriety coach who had been trailing the mayor for about two weeks has moved on to helping other people, Ford said, suggesting he will fare well on his own.

“I can assure you: Rob Ford is not going to fail,” he said. “Rob Ford is not going to touch alcohol. I have had my past. I am moving forward in a positive direction.”

Ford was relatively subdued Thursday, but said he feels “healthy as a horse.”

“The only people that get me upset sometimes are the people I’m looking at and some of the councillors,” he told the crowd of journalists.

Before Ford entered rehab he had made previous assurances he was done with alcohol, telling CBC on Nov. 18, 2013, that he had a “come to Jesus” moment.

Two months later he admitted he had been drinking after a video emerged on YouTube of him in a rambling, profane rant using Jamaican patois. Ford called it a “minor setback.”

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