Massive SkyTrain disruptions blamed on a computer glitch

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Major delays impacted thousands of commuters on SkyTrain during Thursday’s rush hour, and a computer glitch is to blame, according to TransLink.

Translink put a system-wide hold on the Millennium line between Sapperton and Braid Stations, and on the Expo line between Royal Oak and King George Stations.

Limited service was restored from Waterfront to Metrotown station as well as Lougheed to VCC- Clark station around 6 o’clock in the evening.

A bus bridge was in effect between Metrotown and King George Stations.

Many passengers were stuck on the SkyTrain for more than an hour in the heat, and some frustrated passengers forced open doors and walked along the tracks.

Translink said in a statement on Friday that this was the wrong thing to do and the problem was “exacerbated by passengers who illegally walked onto [the] guideway.”

When passengers did this, it “necessitated a shutdown of the entire system and contributed to the prolonged delay in service.”


The passengers were caught by Transit Police and behaviour like that can lead to criminal mischief charges.

But some passengers were so frustrated that they had been waiting so long.

“I left work around 4p.m. and now it’s 7:30p.m.,” said one passenger trying to get to Vancouver, “it takes an hour and half for me to get to Vancouver. It’s already taking me three hours.”

SkyTrain president Fred Cummings later apologized to riders in a statement.

“We apologize to our customers for this unusual incident, which caused parts of our SkyTrain system to be out of service for such a lengthy period of time.”

Translink is now reviewing its emergency communications protocols.

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