Lunar eclipse wows stargazers in Vancouver

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As space enthusiasts across North America were looking up to the skies for last night’s total lunar eclipse, Vancouver was one of the best spots to see it.

Many stayed up late or woke up early to take in the sight.

In Vancouver, the total eclipse was at its peak between 3:25 and 4:24 a.m.

Lunar eclipse as seen from downtown Victoria

Doug Clement Photography

Lunar eclipse as seen from East Vancouver

Submitted by Glen Robinson

The eclipse was visible across Canada and the United States.

Many Canadian cities got a good glimpse of the natural phenomenon.

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The next lunar eclipse will take place in April of next year, but Canadians across the country will be able to enjoy a partial solar eclipse coming up on Oct. 23.

If you took a photo of last night’s lunar eclipse, send it to us at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训 or post in the comments. 

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