Lethbridge residents try to beat the heat

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It was a hot one today in Bridge City.

With temperatures soaring to +30°C, people were doing what they could to beat the heat.

Lindy Rollingson did not shy away from the scorching sun, as she made sure not to miss her daily walk around Henderson Lake with her family. “We do it winter and summer, thirty below and thirty above,” she said.

Like many people, she says she tries to do what she can to protect herself from the sun, but that it can also be easy to forget.


“It’s a maintenance thing. It’s easy to put the lotion on in the morning and forget that you need to put it on again. That’s really easy to do. Been caught that way. Forget to bring your hat. Got to bring your sunglasses.”

Alberta Health Service’s main message to people is to pay attention to your body. Normal activity that might seem safe on a cool day can be dangerous on a hot day.

“One we want to protect ourselves from the UV radiation. Secondly we want to protect ourselves from dehydration. A piece that I always add as well is to recognize early symptoms of heat injury in others,” said Dr. Vivan Suttorp, medical officer with AHS.

She said one thing people tend to forget is hydration, which is very important and if not taken care of can lead to heat related illnesses.

“Sometimes people get muscle cramping, headache, they might feel a bit nauseous and they feel dizzy. Those are early signs to get people out of the sun hydrate and cool them off.”

For more information on how to protect yourself from sunburn and heat exhaustion, visit albertahealthservices苏州美甲美睫培训论坛

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