Celebrating 60 Years reflecting the community

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Today Global Calgary is celebrating a milestone – 60 years in the community.

Through the years, with all the changes, one thing has remained constant since Day One –  the station’s connection with the community.

Former TV weatherman Jimmy Hughes remembers being captivated by the new technology suddenly beaming into living rooms throughout the city.

“Television was so huge. It was black and white, and we couldn’t believe it to see that”, recalls Hughes. “At one time it was marketed as the rocking deuce.”


Local programming was the station’s hallmark.

Charlene Prickett, the host of “It Figures”, says the exercise show’s structure made connecting with people easier.

“We did our exercises together. I think it was just because of the format – my connection with people was even deeper’, says Prickett.

But the deepest connection, and the one that really resonated with viewers, was that of  legendary broadcaster Ed Whalen.

“The cameras where this big”, says Hughes.

“Ed Whalen would memorize his sports –  no teleprompter. We used to sit in the studio and watch him.”

Under Ed’s watch, the newsroom took on an expanding roll while never losing site of its core values.

Coverage of last year’s flood proves that.

“A television station that brings people together, that shares information in the moment, that supports people, that helps people, that gives people confidence that a situation is being managed, that they understand what’s going on. Nothing can duplicate that “, says Barb Williams, President of .

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