Rain this weekend will help some wildfires, but strong winds may hurt others

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VANCOUVER – There is some relief on the way for residents and firefighters around the province.

While most of B.C. has been enjoying the hot temperatures lately, the hot and dry conditions has led to 163 fires burning in B.C. today. There are 17 fires of note.

A much needed change is on the way for many areas of the province however.


READ MORE: B.C. under evacuation alerts and orders due to wildfires

Global BC weather anchor Kate Gajdosik says this change will affect the regions severely affected by wildfire activity.

The first in a series of weather disturbances has already moved into Northern B.C., spreading heavy rain along the coast and showers through the Central Interior.

Through the weekend the chance for showers will move into the Southern Interior, although heavy downpours are not expected.

PHOTOS: Wildfires burning across B.C.

For the Okanagan Valley, where some of the province’s most aggressive fires are burning, there will not be significant rainfall to help fight the fires. The biggest factor in this region will be wind, which could force the spread of smoke and flames.

Gajdosik says southwesterly winds are expected to get strong and gusty through Friday afternoon and evening, with winds gusting upwards of 40 km/hr. Wind is a powerful and often unpredictable weather process, adds Gajdosik, as sometimes a slight breeze is enough to fan the flames of an out of control wildfire.

Temperatures on Friday will remain at about 28 and 29 degrees in the Okanagan and while it will cool down over the weekend, the wind from the southwest will be quite dry.

In Prince George Friday morning the smoke was so thick from nearby fires that the street lamps had to be lit again. The smoke is from the Chelaslie Fire near Tetachuk Lake, which was very active on Thursday and residents of Prince George were seeing those effects the next day. The smoke is mixed in with a rain system, bringing the first serious rain to the area for a couple of weeks.

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Plane victims long dead, not ‘fresh,’ says pro-Russia rebel commander

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MOSCOW – A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash  – suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.

The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.



  • Shot that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 came from separatist territory: Obama

  • Canadian killed in MH17 crash was a medical student from Ontario

  • AUDIO: ‘We have just shot down a plane’

  • PHOTOS: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashes in Ukraine

    READ MORE: Shot that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 came from separatist territory, says Obama

    The Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 was shot down Thursday, killing all 298 people aboard. The plane was flying 10,000 metres above an area where Ukrainian forces have been fighting separatist rebels. Each side accuses the other of downing the plane.

    U.S. intelligence authorities said a surface-to-air missile brought down the plane, and U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told the U.N. Security Council in New York on Friday that the missile was likely fired from a rebel-held area near the Russian border.

    Commander and self-proclaimed minister of Defence of so the called “Donetsk People’s Republic” Igor Girkin, aka Strelok (C), walks with his bodyguards in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on July 11, 2014.

    Alexander KHUDOTEPLY/AFP/Getty Images

    Girkin, also known as Strelkov and allegedly a former Russian military intelligence agent, said he couldn’t confirm the information. But it’s sure to add to the intense emotions surrounding the crash, with the rebels accused of shooting down the plane.

    Girkin said “Ukrainian authorities are capable of any baseness.”

    He claimed that a large amount of blood serum and medications were found in the wreckage.

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Alberta Tory candidates to revisit new licence plates

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EDMONTON – Alberta’s great plate debate is far from over.

The three candidates vying to become the next Progressive Conservative party leader and premier said Thursday they want to revisit the current online voting competition to pick the province’s next licence plate.

“Clearly it struck a nerve with Albertans and I think it’s important if you’re going to change symbols that you have a broadly based discussion with people and hear what they have to say about it,” said Jim Prentice.



  • Alberta rolls out new licence plates

    “I’m interested in hearing what people have to say and (would) make any decisions based on what I hear.”

    Just over a week ago, the province launched an online competition allowing Albertans to pick a new licence plate to replace the current red on white model.

    READ MORE: Alberta rolls out new licence plates 

    Voters can pick from three designs, all created by the U.S. conglomerate 3M. Each is a variation on the same theme: prairie landscape in the foreground, mountains in the background.

    Voters have until Aug. 19 to pick their favourite.

    The competition has been criticized because the current slogan on the plate “Wild Rose County” has been taken off and replaced by the web address alberta苏州美甲美睫培训论坛.

    WATCH: Albertans and a marketing expert weigh in on licence plate designs

    The Opposition Wildrose Party, blood foes of the governing Tories, call the slogan removal a petty and politically motivated slight, something Service Alberta Minister Doug Griffiths has denied.

    Local designers have also said they want a say on the plate. One Edmonton firm has already submitted its version, complete with the mountain tops soaring in a jagged cut along the top.

    The Wildrose Party has already launched online campaigns for a new slogan and a new design.

    PC leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk said the Alberta plate needs Alberta designers.

    “I would probably put the brakes on it (the competition) and give Albertans more input,” said Lukaszuk. “I would like to see more artistic input.

    “Those plates will be on our vehicles for at least a decade if not more. Why not have something made by an Albertan as opposed to some designer from 3M in the United States?”

    Lukaszuk called the controversy over the Wild Rose Country slogan “a little bit of silliness,” adding, “I particularly didn’t have any issue with the slogan the way it was.”

    The plate has not been updated in 30 years and the new design is to be introduced in the spring.

    The new plates will have a reflective coating to make them easier to read in low light.

    “The fact that they need to be reflective I understand. That’s a good idea. Changing the slogan looks petty. That’s a bad idea,” said candidate Ric McIver.

    “And I’m the worst judge of what’s good art and what isn’t on the plate, but obviously having an Alberta company with an opportunity to bid on the work like anybody else is a good idea.”

    Prentice said he wants to see a plate featuring a slogan and the mountains.

    “My personal favourite (slogan) is what our first premier and one of governor generals referred to as ‘The Wild Land of Freedom,’” he said.

    PC party members vote for a new leader in September.

    Premier Dave Hancock, the leader until a new premier is chosen, said he wouldn’t close the door on a new design, but said he’s leaving the issue to Service Alberta and Griffiths.

    “We can look at all sorts of options, I guess,” said Hancock.

    “It’s interesting that people are getting so excited about it.”

    Hancock said that, in a way, the plate was designed by Albertans because an earlier public opinion survey indicated they wanted a licence plate that reflected Alberta’s shield.

    “So you got someone (at 3M) to put those things together,” said Hancock. “I don’t know how many ways you can design mountains, prairies, and sky.”

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Proof in the pudding: Overweight workers make less, report finds

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Thanksgiving feasts loom across Canada this weekend, but here’s a small caution from a new report before reaching for a second helping of pumpkin pie.

A trio of Swedish academics say in a newly published paper that plumper workers face a “large” financial “penalty” for being overweight. How large? As much as 16 per cent lower average earnings compared to their thinner counterparts, according to their study.


The study looked at 150,000 Swedes through the 1980s and 1990s, and concluded heavier ones – those with a body-mass index of between 25 and 30 – ended up making 16 per cent less on average than those in the group of “normal weight.”

While it may be true that lower income earners tend to have diets richer in carbohydrates and sugars, which contribute to higher obesity rates, the academics controlled for that by only comparing brothers in their final sample, which was taken across a broad social and economic spectrum of Swedish families.

The authors say their methodology allowed them to isolate the effect of being overweight on a person’s – or rather Swedish male’s – average earnings.

Childhood effects

Take Our PollBut overweight people aren’t discriminated against in the workplace, the report says. Rather, the road to a wider waistline and lower earnings starts in childhood.

The report suggested overweight children and teens are less likely to develop certain “non-cognitive” skills early on that could aid them in adulthood, like leadership traits and self-belief.

“Taken together, these results reinforce the importance of policy combating early-life obesity in order to reduce healthcare expenditures as well as poverty and inequalities later in life,” the report said.

So if you’re already over 18 it likely doesn’t matter if you indulge in that second helping after all.

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Truckers frustrated by north-end traffic jams

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Watch above:  Truckers frustrated with Saskatoon traffic

SASKATOON – The head of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association says the congestion around Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive in Saskatoon’s north end is causing significant frustration for the trucking industry.

“They’re very frustrated,” said Terry Siemens, president of the association. “Most truckers are paid by the mile, so if they’re sitting in lineups, they’re not making any money, and the company isn’t making any money.”



  • Three teams short-listed to build new Saskatoon bridges

  • Promises of shorter commutes with $116M in bridge funding

  • Meewasin approves parameters for new bridges in Saskatoon

    It’s not uncommon to see long lineups of traffic trying to turn north onto Highway 16 from Circle Drive – or long lineups waiting to turn onto Circle Drive from Highway 16.

    “I’ve seen lineups there that go back almost as far as 51st street, so they could be sitting in line for 45 minutes, an hour,” Siemens told Global Saskatoon’s Morning News.

    Siemens said when the South Circle Drive Bridge was opened a year ago, it helped significantly in one part of the route through Saskatoon. But, he said, it also seems to have resulted in more traffic jams in the north end.

    “You’ve got one way through the city, across two bridges, and they all convene at that one bottleneck,” he said. “There’s no way around it.”

    Siemens says it has likely become the biggest bottleneck for the trucking industry in the province, adding part of the problem is that a lot of truck traffic going to northern Alberta goes through Saskatoon.

    “There’s a lot of trucks coming and going, and we’re probably the worst in the province right now,” he said.

    The province, the city, and the R.M. of Corman Park are looking at options for a bypass around the city – but any solution is likely years away.

    In the meantime, said Siemens, he’s not aware of any other options for truckers.

    “A bypass would be huge,” he said.

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Province toughens up distracted driving laws

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If you’re caught talking on a handheld device while driving in B.C., you’ll now be facing stiffer penalties.

The provincial government announced today that they are cracking down further on distracted driving.

Drivers caught talking on a cell phone while driving will now get three demerit points on their licence, as well as a $167 fine.


Previously, drivers busted talking on a cell phone received the $167 fine but no demerit points. Drivers caught texting while on the road have been receiving three demerit points and a $167 fine since the law came into force.

The provincial government says it’s necessary to toughen up distracted driving laws because people are just not getting the message.

“It’s clear that the $167 fine is not enough on its own, so we’re starting by targeting those people who are talking on a handheld device while they’re driving with more severe penalties,” says Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton.

“Ticket volumes show us that more drivers are ticketed for talking on an electronic device than for texting and driving, and so that is where we decided to start with the new penalty points.”

Distracted driving is the second-highest cause of fatalities on B.C. roads. The province says an average of 88 people are killed each year due to distracted driving.

In 2013, police issued 51,200 violation tickets to drivers who were using an electronic device. Police say many drivers still don’t understand that using a phone while at a red light is distracted driving and is subject to ticketing.

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UPDATE: Ebola nurse’s dog euthanized in Spain

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Watch the video above: Husband of Spanish patient diagnosed with Ebola appeals to save dog scheduled to be euthanized due to exposure.

Excalibur is gone.

Despite strong protests by animal rights’ activists and an appeal by the dog’s owner, Excalibur —; a dog that came into contact with an infected Ebola patient —; was euthanized Wednesday evening in Madrid, Spain.

The animal rights group PACMA, which organized the protests, tweeted the news.

“We can now confirm the bad news. Excalibur has been sacrificed. Our heartfelt thanks for all the support. We will continue to work for [the animals],” it read.

Excalibur, the dog of the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola, barks from her balcony in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014.

AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

Another tweet read: “This is the crematorium where they cremated the body of Excalibur. Here, there isn’t much biosafety.”

Though it isn’t completely understood whether or not dogs can be infected with the Ebola virus or, if so, pass it on to humans, officials in Madrid obtained a court order on Tuesday to put down Excalibur, the dog of Spanish nursing assistant Teresa Romero, who contracted the deadly disease from a missionary priest who died.

READ MORE: Madrid officials want to euthanize dog owned by nurse infected with Ebola

But protesters gathered in Madrid to oppose the court order, claiming that the decision is an overreaction.

Hospital staff walk out past police guarding the entrance to protest outside the Carlos III hospital in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 where a Spanish nurse who is believed to have contracted the Ebola virus from a 69-year-old Spanish priest is being treated after testing positive for the virus.

AP Photo/Paul White



  • Kerry: World must ‘step up’ anti-Ebola effort

  • 1st Ebola patient diagnosed in U.S. dies, as new screening measures announced

    Dr. Peter Cowen, a veterinarian at North Carolina State University who has advised global health experts on animal infection disease risks, told The Associated Press that killing the dog is “clearly an overreaction.”

    “I think it’s very unfortunate they are thinking of euthanizing that dog. They should really study it instead,” he said.

    “Ebola has never been documented to be spread by a dog,” and that’s clearly not a major route of spread in the outbreak in Africa, Cowen said.

    Romero’s husband urged authorities through an online petition to quarantine the dog, as they did for him. The Spanish animal rights group [email protected] X los animales (AXLA) helped deliver his appeal on 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛.

    Other 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛 pages have were also set up to spread the word about Excalibur’s plight.

    On 广州蒲友 #salvemosexcalibur (Spanish for “Let’s save Excalibur”) is the top trending topic in Spain.

    –with files from The Associated Press

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Celebrating 60 Years reflecting the community

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Today Global Calgary is celebrating a milestone – 60 years in the community.

Through the years, with all the changes, one thing has remained constant since Day One –  the station’s connection with the community.

Former TV weatherman Jimmy Hughes remembers being captivated by the new technology suddenly beaming into living rooms throughout the city.

“Television was so huge. It was black and white, and we couldn’t believe it to see that”, recalls Hughes. “At one time it was marketed as the rocking deuce.”


Local programming was the station’s hallmark.

Charlene Prickett, the host of “It Figures”, says the exercise show’s structure made connecting with people easier.

“We did our exercises together. I think it was just because of the format – my connection with people was even deeper’, says Prickett.

But the deepest connection, and the one that really resonated with viewers, was that of  legendary broadcaster Ed Whalen.

“The cameras where this big”, says Hughes.

“Ed Whalen would memorize his sports –  no teleprompter. We used to sit in the studio and watch him.”

Under Ed’s watch, the newsroom took on an expanding roll while never losing site of its core values.

Coverage of last year’s flood proves that.

“A television station that brings people together, that shares information in the moment, that supports people, that helps people, that gives people confidence that a situation is being managed, that they understand what’s going on. Nothing can duplicate that “, says Barb Williams, President of .

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Berlin man tells court about meeting Luka Magnotta, taking killer into home

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WATCH: Today the court heard testimony from a German man who took Luka Magnotta into his home, just days after Magnotta killed Lin Jun in 2012. As Mike Armstrong reports, prosecutors say this witness – Frank Rubert – could have been the next victim.

MONTREAL — Frank Rubert got off the subway and called police.

“I might have a murderer with me,” he told them.



  • Magnotta brought home mystery man a week before killing, court hears

  • Tearful father of Magnotta victim speaks to media through lawyer

    He’d met Luka Magnotta — who had been using an alias — through an online dating service called Gay Romeo. They hit it off, spent an entire afternoon and evening chatting online, and eventually the seemingly nice, young man Rubert met said he’d like to visit his new friend in Berlin.

    Rubert was at first hesitant, he told a Montreal courtroom through an interpreter Wednesday. He’d already once been scammed by someone online who asked for bus fare then never showed up.

    READ MORE: Crown to call 11th witness after day of testimony from victim’s friend, killer’s client

    But this guy didn’t ask for money, so Rubert relented. And even though the man he eventually met at the Berlin bus station was scruffy and slobby, with unkempt hair and wearing blue jeans, Rubert took him home: He said he’d have felt badly just leaving the guy at the bus station after promising he could stay.

    The language barrier — one spoke no German, the other no English — was tougher face to face than it was online. So back at the apartment, they used their laptops to translate and have conversations.

    Rubert told his guest the scruffy hair and clothing wouldn’t do if he planned to stay in Berlin. So the guest went to the washroom and emerged with short hair 15 minutes later. He told Rubert he’d cut it, but the court knows now Magnotta had simply removed his wig.

    LISTEN: Amy Minsky reports during a brief break in the cross-examination of Frank Rubert

    READ BELOW: This is a copy of an online chat taken from Rubert’s computer, and submitted at evidence in court Wednesday. Rubert (avira) said he ran messages from Magnotta (william2323) through Google Translate.

    View this document on Scribd

    Nothing struck Rubert as odd about the man he’d trusted enough to offer a bed and a set of house keys.

    The only remarkable thing about his guest, Rubert said, was the young man’s generosity — a generosity defence counsel later alleged was the motivation behind Rubert’s hospitality.

    For three days and nights in June 2012, Rubert and Magnotta went to restaurants and bars, where Magnotta spoke with some escorts, dropped large sums of cash and drank quite a bit, the Crown’s witness said.

    The two spent all of their time together. “Twenty-four hour a day,” Rubert told the court.

    That is, until the morning of Monday, June 4, when Rubert had to meet someone for business — and ended up calling police about his houseguest.

    Rubert hadn’t wanted to leave Magnotta in the house alone so they rode the subway together. Rubert suggested his guest spend the next few hours at an Internet cafe, handed him a cell phone and number where he could be reached, and the two parted ways.

    READ MORE: Court hears details of Luka Magnotta’s dramatic arrest in Berlin

    Rubert said he doesn’t usually read newspapers. But with a long subway ride ahead of him, he decided to pick one up.

    And that’s where he saw it.

    “I don’t remember if it was the second page or the third page,” he told the court. But there was a photo of someone who looked very much like his guest.

    Frank Rubert says he met Luke Magnotta (seen here) on a chat website called GayRomeo while looking for a roommate.

    Frank Rubert/Handout

    LISTEN: Amy Minsky reports following the first half of Frank Rubert’s chief testimony

    The article told of “cruel things,” he remembered. It told of a man who was the target of an international manhunt after killing a Chinese “friend” and fleeing Canada.

    Rubert called police as he made a beeline for the station. He told the officer his guest, whose real name he still didn’t know, was either at the subway station or the Internet cafe.

    When Rubert arrived at the police station shortly after, they told him to wait while they did some research. Fifteen minutes later, six officers came back to tell Rubert they had Magnotta.

    READ MORE:  Luka Magnotta surveillance videos released

    Rubert would spend the next hours that day back at his apartment with police, going through the items Magnotta had left there — a folded map of Paris and a bus ticket, a pen and pencil, some clippers and a condom.

    During cross-examination, defence attorney Luc Leclair repeatedly read from Rubert’s long list of run-ins with the law. He had faced a handful of theft and attempted theft charges, driving without a licence and reckless driving charges, and more serious counts of sexually abusing or sexually assaulting a minor.

    To that, Rubert said simply that some people give false representations of themselves online. As Leclair continued his attack, Rubert raised his voice at times, seeming to become increasingly irritated as he told Leclair his criminal past has nothing to do with the case at hand.

    READ MORE: What did we learn in week one of the trial?

    “I travelled 5,000 kilometres … to make things clear,” he said through his translator, who soon after asked the trial judge for a break.

    Witness Frank Rubert, from Berlin, Germany, leaves the courtroom after testifying at the murder trial for Luka Rocco Magnotta Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014 in Montreal.


    Still, Leclair suggested Rubert was turned off Magnotta at the bus station because the man wasn’t as young-looking as he’d hoped, but that all changed once he saw how much money Magnotta was carrying.

    Leclair had the witness tell the court about one night when he and Magnotta visited a gay brothel. He had Rubert tell of spending three months in a psychiatric hospital on a judge’s order (the witness said that allowed him to avoid jail time and suggested that is what Leclair is attempting to do with his own client). Leclair had Rubert admit that one night in June 2012 he took two Romanian prostitutes to the bathroom, one at a time, and paid them using Magnotta’s money.

    But Rubert argued this was only fair: He was helping out Magnotta who, in return offered to pay for things. Why not take him up on it?

    Magnotta faces five charges including first-degree murder, committing an indignity to a human body, publishing obscene material, criminally harassing Harper and other members of Parliament and mailing obscene and indecent material.

    He admitted to committing the actions of which he’s accused but pleaded not guilty. His lawyer said he intends to argue Magnotta was so psychologically sick, he wasn’t in control of his actions during Lin’s killing and dismembering.

    READ MORE: Magnotta admits to killing Jun Lin, but pleads not guilty

    Rubert felt stupid about the episode, he told court. He questioned his judgement. How, he asked himself, could he have brought someone into his home without knowing anything about him?

    Before leaving, one officer wished Rubert happy birthday. Rubert was confused; his birthday was more than two months away.

    But the officer was insistent: It is your birthday, he told Rubert. “You could have been next.”

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Alberta man died of excited delirium, cocaine: fatality inquiry

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MEDICINE HAT, Alta. – A judge in southern Alberta wants the RCMP to better train its officers to identify a medical condition called excited delirium.

It’s one of five recommendations made in a fatality inquiry report into the 2009 death of a man in Brooks.

The report says Grant William Prentice had high levels of cocaine in his system when he was found staggering door-to-door, asking people for help.

When police arrived, it took several officers to restrain the 40-year-old, who seemed to have super-human strength.



    More police, paramedic training urged for excited delirium

    B.C. man Tasered in Calgary died from ‘excited delirium’: Review

  • Britain’s got a cocaine problem and it’s showing up in drinking water

    He then went limp and turned blue and later died in hospital.

    Experts testified that Prentice showed signs of excited delirium and early medical intervention, such as the use of sedatives, may have saved him.

    “It cannot be stressed strongly enough the importance of time when dealing with a person in this situation,” wrote Judge Eric Brooks. “Firsthand observations and impressions provided to an attending physician might well make the difference between life and death.”

    The judge also heard evidence that officers fired a Taser while trying to subdue Prentice but its cycle of electricity lasted only one second and was stopped unintentionally during the struggle.

    Prentice’s official cause of death was listed as acute cocaine toxicity combined with excited delirium syndrome.

    The judge said excited delirium is still considered a new area of study, but all first-responders should be aware of it.

    READ MORE: Inquiry into Calgary man’s death suggests national database on excited delirium

    He also recommended dispatchers for police and ambulances receive annual training on the syndrome and adopt a common terminology to talk about it.

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UPDATE: RCMP ask for help with fatal QE2 crash investigation

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WATCH ABOVE: The family of an Edmonton man killed in a hit and run turns to Kijiji for help. Quinn Ohler has the story.

EDMONTON — Leduc RCMP released another piece of the puzzle Tuesday relating to a fatal collision on the QE2 last week.

In the early hours of Monday, Oct. 6, Cameron LeClair of Edmonton was involved in a crash about 20 kilometres south of Leduc. Officers arrived around 6 a.m. to find extensive front-end damage on the 29-year-old’s Civic. There was no other vehicle at the scene.

According to RCMP, the damage is consistent with an Arne’s gravel trailer with a red frame, similar to the one pictured below. An Arne’s mud flap was also found at the scene.

RCMP say Cameron LeClair’s car may have hit a stopped or slow moving trailer like this one on October 6, 2014.

Supplied by RCMP

Part of a mud flap found at the scene.

Supplied by RCMP

RCMP say Cameron LeClair’s car may have hit a stopped or slow moving trailer like this one on October 6, 2014.

Supplied by RCMP

RCMP say Cameron LeClair’s car may have hit a stopped or slow moving trailer like this one on October 6, 2014.

Supplied by RCMP


Police believe the driver of the trailer may not have noticed the vehicle had been hit.

The LeClair family turned to Kiji last week, with a plea for help finding the vehicle involved in the crash.

“To [lose] a son in any way is [unbearable], but not knowing is making this worse,” Cameron’s father, Calvin LeClair wrote.

His son was taken to the University of Alberta hospital with serious injuries following the crash. He died a short time later.

Cpl. Alex DaSilva said last week RCMP had no witnesses and had received very few tips.

Anyone with information on the crash is asked to call Leduc RCMP (780-980-7200) or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS).

Editor’s note: This story was originally published October 8, 2014. It was updated October 14, 2014 to include new information and photos from RCMP.

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Lunar eclipse wows stargazers in Vancouver

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As space enthusiasts across North America were looking up to the skies for last night’s total lunar eclipse, Vancouver was one of the best spots to see it.

Many stayed up late or woke up early to take in the sight.

In Vancouver, the total eclipse was at its peak between 3:25 and 4:24 a.m.

Lunar eclipse as seen from downtown Victoria

Doug Clement Photography

Lunar eclipse as seen from East Vancouver

Submitted by Glen Robinson

The eclipse was visible across Canada and the United States.

Many Canadian cities got a good glimpse of the natural phenomenon.

In Photos: Lunar eclipse produces ‘blood moon’ over Canada

The next lunar eclipse will take place in April of next year, but Canadians across the country will be able to enjoy a partial solar eclipse coming up on Oct. 23.

If you took a photo of last night’s lunar eclipse, send it to us at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训 or post in the comments. 

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